• Merging tables with INSERT...ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE

    February 21, 2013

    Had a case recently where I had to merge data from two identically structured tables containing nearly identical data. "Nearly identical" meaning most table data is identical in both; sometimes a row is missing from one of the tables; sometimes same row (according to PK) appears in both, but some columns are NULL is one […]

  • MySQL Stored Routines Debugger & Debugging API: sneak preview video

    February 19, 2013

    This is a sneak peek video introduction/preview of an in-development free and open source server side debugger & debugging API for MySQL stored routines. MySQL does not provide server side debugging capabilities for stored routines. Some tools exist, including MySQL's own, that assist in stored routine debugging. These are all GUI based and, to the […]

  • Win a free Percona Live 2013 pass -- unveiling riddle hints

    February 11, 2013

    Apparently my first attempt at rhyming proved to be unsuccessful: only two courageous men attempted solving the riddle. As I'm pretty sure a free pass would appeal to many, and I do have a few readers for my blog, I must conclude my riddle was just too hard. Obscure, perhaps. Hope I didn't scare anyone […]

  • Sessions of interest in Percona Live 2013

    February 5, 2013

    Percona Live 2013 is shortly upon us, and it might be a good idea to watch for what's ahead of us. Talks of interest There is no way I can do justice to all. I wish to point out a small number of sessions I am personally interested in attending. I will not be able […]

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