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  • zookeepercli: lightweight, powerful, controlled command line client for ZooKeeper

    September 17, 2014

    I'm happy to announce the availability of zookeepercli: a lightweight, simple, fast and controlled command line client for ZooKeeper. zookeepercli allows for: Basic CRUD-like operations: create,  set,  delete,  exists,  get,  ls (aka children). Extended operations: lsr (ls recursive),  creater (create recursively) Well formatted and controlled output: supporting either txt or json format Single, no-dependencies binary […]

  • Tool of the day: q

    August 8, 2013

    If you work with command line and know your SQL, q is a great tool to use: q allows you to query your text files or standard input with SQL. You can: SELECT c1, COUNT(*) FROM /home/shlomi/tmp/my_file.csv GROUP BY c1 And you can: SELECT all.c2 FROM /tmp/all_engines.txt AS all LEFT JOIN /tmp/innodb_engines.txt AS inno USING […]

  • Xfce is the new Gnome 2

    November 22, 2011

    I've recently had it with Ubuntu's Unity. Wait, why Unity? Because my gdm was consuming so much CPU my laptop had its fan working non-stop. I've researched and tweaked and installed and removed - and finally moved to Unity to solve that. There may have been another solution, but that's an old story now. Thing […]

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