Joining GitHub

November 30, 2015

Today was my last day at, and shortly I will be joining the team at GitHub.

I'd like to thank the many kind, friendly & smart people I've worked with at!

The challenges at are big. There is such a diversity within the technology stack; even within the database range. A solution that works on all the various production environments is something to value. Indeed, the Production environment it is an amazing playground for developers, offering high volume, large numbers, and differing workloads to tackle. Your code just gets hammered down and you get very quick feedback on whether you did it right or wrong.

I was happy to have worked on serious reliability and operational topics, and to have made a meaningful contribution.

Joining GitHub, I'm to be a systems engineer in a great team (friends included), building great products, in and around the database zone, delivering open source, pretty much expecting to do awesome stuff! That, and the swag.

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