Assistance wanted: DotOrg Pavilion on Percona Live 2013

April 2, 2013

I'm looking for assistance in manning a DotOrg Pavilion on the upcoming Percona Live conference in Santa Clara.

As you may or may not know, free and open source projects are eligible to ask for a free booth on the Expo hall. This is a good chance to promote one's project.

Of course, someone must stand behind the counter and answer [technical] questions.

I should like to have a booth for common_schema & openark-kit, but am limited in resources -- namely the number of bodies I can occupy simultaneously, just one at this time. Along with some duties I have throughout the conference I do not expect to be able to be present for long periods behind the counter.

Are you familiar with common_schema/openark-kit? Would you like to lend a hand and contribute some hours at the conference?

For a full time attendee I can lend a hand and provide with a free conference pass + my gratitude.

Please comment below if you are willing to commit yourself to this task -- thank you!

  • Allen Kinnard

    I will be willing to lend a hand. I am familiar with common_schema (it is installed as part of my chef recipe on all servers) but not with openark-kit. But i am willing to play with it between now and the conference. I already have a pass so I am set on that front.

  • Allen,
    Thank you! So it's YOU who'se downloaded common_schema! 😉

    I'll be sure to contact you once I have more details on hours and needs. Thanks again,

    PS people: I probably still need more volunteers - much appreciated!

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