common_schema & openark-kit in the media: #DBHangOps, OurSQL

June 26, 2013


I had the pleasure of joining into @DBHangOps today, and speak about common_schema and openark-kit. What was meant to be a 15 minute session turned to be 50 -- sorry, people, I don't talk as much at home, but when it comes to my pet projects...

I also realized I was missing on a great event: DBHangOps is a hangout where you can chat and discuss MySQL & related technologies with friends and colleagues, with whom you typically only meet at conferences. I will certainly want to attend future events.

Thanks to John Cesario and Geoffrey Anderson who invited me to talk, and to the friends and familiar faces who attended; I was happy to talk about my work, and very interested in hearing about how it's being put to use. We also had time to discuss ps_helper with no other than Mark Leith!

The video is available on Twitter/YouTube.


openark-kit has also been featured on the OurSQL podcast by Sheeri & Gerry, who did great coverage of some tools. I will disclose that more is to come; I'm happy this is in capable hands and look further to hear the next episode!


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