common_schema talk at Percona Live

April 8, 2012

Are you attending PerconaLive?

Allow me to suggest you attend the Common Schema: a framework for MySQL server administration session on April 12, 14:00 - 14:50 @ Ballroom F.

This talk is by none other than Roland Bouman. Roland co-authored parts of common_schema, and is a great speaker.

I have a personal interest, of course, being the author of most of the components in common_schema. I would like to convert you to a supporter of this project. I know a few very smart people who think this project is an important tool. I would like more people to get to know it. Eventually, I would like developers and DBAs alike to consider it an inseparable part of any MySQL installation.

Then I shall have world domination, Bwa ha ha!


Have fun, I will unfortunately not attend myself this year. Having been on the program committee, I can tell it's going to be a great conference!

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