gh-ost 1.0.17: Hooks, Sub-second lag control, Amazon RDS and more

September 6, 2016

gh-ost version 1.0.17 is now released, with various additions and fixes. Here are some notes of interest:


gh-ost now supports hooks. These are your own executables that gh-ost will invoke at particular points of interest (validation pass, about to cut-over, success, failure, status, etc.)

gh-ost will set various environment variables for your executables to pick up, passing along such information as migrated/ghost table name, elapsed time, processed rows, migrated host etc.

Sub-second lag control

At GitHub we're very strict about replication lag. We keep it well under 1 second at most times. gh-ost can now identify sub-second lag on replicas (well, you need to supply with the right query). Our current production migrations are set by default with --max-lag-millis=500 or less, and our most intensive migrations keep replication lag well below 1sec or even below 500ms


The SUPER privilege is required to set global binlog_format='ROW' and for STOP SLAVE; START SLAVE;

If you know your replica has RBR, you can pass --assume-rbr and skips those steps.


Hooks + No Super = RDS, as seems to be the case. For --test-on-replica you will need to supply your own gh-ost-on-stop-replication hook, to stop your RDS replica at cut-over phase. See this tracking issue


While active-active are still not supported, you now have greater control over master-master topologies by being able to explicitly pick your master (as gh-ost arbitrarily picks one of the co-masters). Do so by passing --assume-master-host. See cheatsheet.

tungsten replicator

Similarly, gh-ost cannot crawl your tungsten topology, and you are able to specify --tungsten See cheatsheet.


--exact-rowcount is awesomeness, keeping quite accurate estimate of progress. With --concurrent-rowcount we begin migration with a rough estimate, and execute select count(*) from your_table in parallel, updating our estimate later on throughout the migration

Stricter, safer

gh-ost works in STRICT_ALL_TABLES mode, meaning it would fail rather than set the wrong value to a column.

In addition to unit-testing and production continuous test, a set of local tests is growing, hopefully to run as CI tests later on.

Fixed problems

Fixed time_zone related bug, high unsigned values bug; added strict check for triggers, relaxed config file parsing, and more. Thank you to community contributors for PRs, from ipv6 to typos!

Known issues

Issues coming and going at all times -- thank you for reporting Issues!

We have a confirmed bug with non-UTF charsets at this time. Some other minor issues and feature requests are open -- we'll take them as we go along.

Feedback requests

We are not testing gh-ost on RDS ourselves. We appreciate community feedback on this tracking issue.

We are not testing gh-ost on Galera/XtraDB cluster ourselves. We appreciate community feedback on this tracking issue.

We value submitted Issues and questions.


We will be presenting gh-ost in the next month:

Hope to see you there, and thank you again to all contributors!

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