MySQL Conference 2009 Community Awards

April 22, 2009

OK. That was a surprise!

In retrospective, there have been some hints along the way. But I don't get hints. I'm the kind of man who, when watching a complicated movie, needs his girlfriend to explain him what goes on.

I was utterly astonished and honored to find my name on the screen, and have me being one of three people called to accept the MySQL Community Award for 2009.

Let me tell you: it is heavy! And it doesn't fit in my bag, either, so I hang around carrying this big heavy box in both hands...

I guess this calls for a short Oscar speech, a written one.

My friends and neighbors have heard me say the word "community" quite a lot lately. I was mentioning to them how wild it is. I've been working with open source for some 10 years, and have been using MySQL in particular for 9 years now. The open source model always impressed me with its elegance and honesty. Back when I only started using MySQL, I used to play with the thought I should sometime contribute back.

OK, so it took 8 years to get me moving. Hey, that's quick for me! I have lamps I need to install in our living room, and it's been almost a year since I bought them!

About a year and a half ago I started doing MySQL consulting. A few months later, when MySQL first started their trainings in Israel, I became an official MySQL instructor. I then started working on some open source projects I've been thinking about, getting more and more ideas through my consulting and training work.

At about 6 months ago, I started actively blogging about MySQL. I usually blog about technical issues, many of which come up from my daily experience. I express opinions, some of which may change over time; I sometimes write "mini tutorials" or so, etc.

A couple of months ago I released the openark kit, an open source set of utilities for MySQL. It's still being developed, and interesting (I think) new stuff is coming up.

It's funny, because so many things are being done from my home, in a small village up north. But then again, it's a small world. That's what's so wild about the community. It is powerful, large, fast moving and fast responding. It's as if everyone is gathered in one small room.

Thank you, MySQL, for this honor, and, of course, thank you, the MySQL and open source community!

OK, everyone, wipe your tears, the movie has ended. Today is a very interesting day at the conference, and cakes are now being served! [IMPORTANT UPDATE] Ice creams, not cakes!

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