Oracle week 2010 in Israel: not a single MySQL session

September 19, 2010

Development, Middleware, [Oracle] Database, BI, ERP, CRM, SCM, EPM, SOA & BPM, Java, Security -- all these and more are on the schedule. No MySQL track, not a single MySQL session.

Lack of speakers? Hardly. Lack of public interest? I can't imagine.

Then what is it? I have no information, and don't want to throw around suggestions.

Reading the convention's objectives, I see nothing to suggest why MySQL would not be in. Heck, there's even two new special seminars: "Family Economy" and "Career planning".

Sorry, not providing a link this time (besides, it's all Hebrew). If you're eager to look it up, google for "Oracle week Israel".

It's a shame, and makes it harder to answer the "so what do you think Oracle will do to MySQL?" question I get to be asked ever so often.

  • Shocking, really.

  • Shlomi,

    I was approached at ODTUG (in June) and volunteered to help a particular person do a MySQL day in November in Israel (when I'll be there). It looks like that is Nov 7-11, which is a week before I'm there, so I wonder if it's even the same organizers (I arrive the 13th or 14th of Nov).

    Have you contacted the organizers and offered to speak, or at least let them know that there are MySQL folks willing to help? Most of the time these things are left out by accident, because they just didn't know anyone who could do it.

    (And yes, this has happened to me, organizing OpenSQLCamp, we are often mysql heavy because that's what we know, even though OpenSQLCamp is supposed to be so much more....)

    Never attribute to malice....

  • Sheeri,

    Thank you for your kind approach. It's good to be affected.
    I wasn't aware of the approaching Oracle Week; I only realized it was dawning a few days ago. I have not contacted anyone: looks like the schedule is all filled up?

    Moreover, I will personally be unavailable throughout the week for reasons I cannot control. So, sadly, I don't even see a point for me in making noise for something I cannot support myself.


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