Orchestrator 1.0.4 released

July 29, 2014

Outbrain's orchestrator Version 1.0.4 is released.

Quick links: Orchestrator Manual, FAQ, Downloads

What's new?


orchestrator now does a much better visualization of Master-Master replication:




The work on making the visualization more appealing also resulted in making a better distinction between the visual tree topology and the replication topology. This in turn also fixes the ruleset for moving slaves in a co-master topology, and lays the ground for future work on co-masters (i.e. Galera; unscheduled).


Had a few reports on orchestrator not being able to connect to some topology instances. It seems like the problem is with name resolving. To prove/disprove this, the resolve command or resolve API call now allows checking for instance connectivity. Orchestrator will first test whether the CNAME at all resolves, then try to dial the TCP address (host + port) to see whether it can make a connection.

A sample API call would be:

A command line invocation would be:

orchestrator -c resolve -i myhost.mydomain:3306

chef cookbook

Silvia Botros of SendGrid has published a generic cookbook for deploying orchestrator via chef: https://github.com/sendgrid-ops/chef-orchestrator

Thanks, Silvia!

Topology Annonymizer Cheatsheet

If you want to share your topology graph, but do not wish to expose your host names, open your cluster page and execute the following in your browser's JavaScript console (jQuery is already included by orchestrator):

var _=function() {
  var counter = 0;  
  var port = 3306;
  jQuery("h3.popover-title").each(function() {

This results in a modified topology such as the one presented above ("instance-11", "instance-12" and so on).

Other enhancements since 1.0:

  • Proper error log entry when backend database is not found; also terminates execution.
  • Added --stack command line. Combined with --debug this prints the stack trace upon error.
  • When a known instance is not found (gone from the radar), now showing time since last seen instead of irrelevant last known slave lag.
  • Various UI enhancements/fixes

Orchestrator is released as open source under the Apache 2.0 license and is available at: https://github.com/outbrain/orchestrator

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