Orchestrator progress

December 23, 2015

This comes mostly to reassure, having moved into GitHub: orchestrator development continues.

I will have the privilege of working on this open source solution in GitHub. There are a few directions we can take orchestrator to, and we will be looking into the possibilities. We will continue to strengthen the crash recovery process, and in fact I've got a couple ideas on drastically shortening Pseudo-GTID recovery time as well as other debts. We will look into yet other directions, which we will share. My new and distinguished team will co-work on/with orchestrator and will no doubt provide useful and actionable input.

Orchestrator continues to be open for pull requests, with a temporal latency in response time (it's the Holidays, mostly).

Some Go(lang) limitations (namely the import path, I'll blog more about it) will most probably imply some changes to the code, which will be well communicated to existing collaborators.

Most of all, we will keep orchestrator a generic solution, while keeping focus on what we think is most important - and there's some interesting vision here. Time will reveal as we make progress.


  • Dave Juntgen

    Thanks for letting us know that development will continue. Are there anythings about have orchestrator be a replacement for MHA? Recovery of a failed masters appears to be working well, what about promoting a replica as master from a live and health current master?

  • @Dave,
    I'm not entirely sure I understand your question. Recovery of a failed master works well (and requires pluging into your framework to make the DNS/Zk/Whatever change).

    What do you mean by "promoting a replica as master from a live and healthy current master"?

  • Dave Juntgen


    Sorry, let me try again.

    MHA has a:

    masterha_master_switch --master_state=alive

    Along with all of the external hooks. Maybe I missed it, but I was not able to find a method for live master switch.

  • @Dave,
    OK, got it. There's the underlying mechanism to do that, but it's not nicely wrapped.
    Let's move this discussion to where it belong. Can you please open an issue on https://github.com/outbrain/orchestrator/issues ?

    Thank you

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