Percona Live 2013 news: Oracle, BoF, Lightning Talks

March 12, 2013


Oracle? Oracle! We're extremely happy to have Oracle as presenter in Percona Live 2013!

You can expect three sessions by Oracle engineers:

MySQL 5.6: Performance Benchmarks, Tuning, and Best Practices - Dmitri Kravtchuk

MySQL 5.6: What’s New in InnoDB - Sunny Bains

MySQL 5.6: Redefining Replication - Luís Soares

And Tomas Ulin will present the obligatory "State of the Dolphin" keynote.

Skip my part in this conference for the moment; I'm very happy this is happening. For the community this is an obvious gain. I also wish to congratulate both Oracle and Percona for pulling this off; both parties deserve warm words here.

See announcement here.


Birds of a Feather schedule is published. This happens on Tuesday, second day of the conference and first day of conference sessions, 6:00pm to 7:00pm. The BoF sessions are reviewed by the conference committee.

Lightning Talks

Lightning talks are very short, rapid talks. We have 9 talks, totaling at about one hour. Giuseppe Maxia is orchestrating the talks. The talks are presented during the Community evening, Wednesday, 5:30pm to 8:30pm, where community awards are also presented. Giuseppe will naturally elaborate on that.

For me excitement is quickly building up!

  • From my understanding, Oracle did not want to send engineers to a conference called "Percona Live". Percona refused to change the name (from my understanding, on the MySQL Council talking directly to Oracle higher-ups, just changing it to "MySQL Conference and Expo" would have been fine, if "Percona" was not part of the title).

    Oracle came around, but I don't see how Percona deserves *any* credit for Oracle deciding to be the grownups.

  • To be fair, I'm happy for it and it's a great gain for the community. Sort of. Now we have 2 big business conferences with the same players. Win? I guess because they're 6 months apart? Most people will only go to one of the 2, though.

    I do wish Percona didn't block having a big community conference. LCA (linux conf australia), Confoo, SCALE in Los Angeles, are all conferences the same size or bigger than the April MySQL Conference that are 100% volunteer run. We could have had that, but Percona blocked it by not participating and doing their own conference instead.

    I guess we have what we have....but I give kudos to Oracle for this, not Percona.

  • Sheeri,

    I also happened to speak to authorities on Oracle, and have a somewhat different understanding than yours of the reasons behind Oracle not participating in Percona Live previously. With apologies I will not elaborate (it's not that I hold a big secret, just that the talks were private).

    But in all fairness, Sheeri, it takes two to tango. I'm not in on the internals of these recent developments. But I'm more than inclined to believe there is an effort on both sides.

  • In *all* fairness, we still have 2 business conferences for MySQL, and lots of smaller community days. Community gives input and helps plan both conferences, but they're still business conferences. (e.g. keynotes are sponsors) I've been to some amazing community conferences and I'm very sad that it could not be done in the MySQL world.

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