Percona Live 2013: Tutorials schedule released!

November 19, 2012

I'm pleased to announce the availability of the Tutorials Schedule for Percona Live MySQL Conference and Expo, 2013.

This schedule comes as the outcome of hard work put by the reviewing committee members. Thanks! This work is much appreciated!

We got a good number of submissions. We've also reached out to prominent speakers and companies we felt would give great tutorials. All were reviewed, rated, discussed, compared; re-reviewed; some required further feedback from speakers.

Thank you to all speakers for submitting their proposals! I'm very sorry if your tutorial didn't make it through -- we have good tutorials left out -- there's only so much time in one day!

What can you expect to see in the tutorials?

The single day tutorials should appeal to beginners, seasonal DBAs, developers and database experts alike. Talks target different levels, in 6 different tracks.

I think the king & queen of the 2013 conference will be High Availability and the Cloud. This follows the trend of maturing HA solutions for MySQL and the emergence of MySQL cloud offerings or opportunities.

  • We will have MySQL on Amazon, NDB Cluster, Tungsten Replicator, XtraDB & Galera tutorials, as well as a HA evaluation tutorial. Pick your HA solution: chances are there's a good tutorial on the subject. If not - don't worry, lot's of HA sessions expected as well.
  • Not everything is HA. You will get the chance to learn about InnoDB architecture and tuning, Xtrabackup old and new features, and a full day operational DBA.
  • Down to basics, learn about how to Build your indexes, get to know your Sphinx search capabilities, or learn about TokuDB implementation.
  • Or you could learn about Debugging and crash testing, or Advanced query optimizer tuning.

The tutorials day is in particular important to settle as early as possible; it has a separate pricing model than the rest of the conference, and offers more in-depth drill downs into the particular technologies. So we're happy to make it through, and encourage you to register. Thank you!

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