Percona Live - call for "Hall of Shame" talks

March 8, 2014

We've got some spare time on Percona Live during the lightning talks session, and are spontaneously calling for "Hall of Shame" submissions.

What is this about?

We just had a wonderful Reversim Summit a couple weeks back, where we held the "Hall of Shame" session. We are used to hear talks about success stories and great new technologies. Well, this session is your chance to come up and say: "I messed up, and I'm proud of it!"

You will have 3-4 minutes to tell us about how you once accidentally dropped your database; corrupted your data; brought your company's service down. The greater the damage, the greater the appeal! But we're looking for the funny edge - not for a tragedy. There are no slides. Just a "Hall of Shame" screen behind you.

The response we got on Reversim Summit? It was amazing. The audience was literally in tears; there were such hilarious stories that we could hardly keep up. People were spontaneously offering their stories and the organizers had to hold them back.

And yet, you will be telling about your mess up - so please make sure you feel OK about this. For what it's worth, I will contribute my own shameful, shameful story.

So, this is new & experimental for the Percona Live conference, and we don't have many slots. If no one submits - that's OK. If too many submit, we'll have to cut most. As conferences go, we may end up with a last moment open timeslot, so if you're spontaneous that could be your chance.

Ready to submit?

Please send an email to with a brief description of what you want to share. I'll be reviewing these submissions and either approve, reject or hold you on a waiting list. I assume this will go by First Come First Served. The deadline for submissions is Friday, Mar 14th.

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