Slides from my talk: common_schema, DBA's Framework for MySQL

April 26, 2013

I've just uploaded the slides from my talk: common_schema: DBA's framework for MySQL

My talk was well attended, and I was fortunate to have a warm and engaged audience. Thank you to all those who attended, and thank you for those who provided feedback! Was happy to be able to present my work a great group of people.

You can find my slide either on Percona Live's website, or on Slideshare, as well as embedded right here.

I set two aims to my talk:

  1. To have the audience know how to download and install common_schema (Check!)
  2. Have everyone in the audience find one tool from common_schema that will make their day better. Quick raise of hands at the end of presentation: Check! All hands are up!

As I've noted following a question, rdebug is still in alpha. It modifies one's routines in such way that does not alter the routine's behavior, except:

  • Affecting the value returned by ROW_COUNT() (I have no immediate solution to that)
  • Also affecting result of LAST_INSERT_ID() (I expect to have this solved).

Thank you again; give common_schema a try. Best ways to support: submit bug reports, ideas, and above all: spread the word. common_schema for world domination!

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