Speaking at Percona Live 2013: common_schema, lightning talks

April 11, 2013

In two weeks time I will be giving these talks at Percona Live:

  • common_schema: DBA's framework for MySQL: an introduction to common_schema, my evolving server side solutions project. This will be a revised version of the talk I gave at Percona Live London; I have felt some weaknesses during that talk, which I've thrown out, letting room for cool stuff. I will discuss common_schema's various views, interesting and useful routines, the power of QueryScript, and a brief intro to the newcomer rdebug, debugger and debugging API for MySQL. If you're not familiar with common_schema, it's a good time to pick up on what I (being most biased) consider to be your smart assistant to MySQL maintenance and administration!
  • The query which is the peak of my career: this is a 6 minute lightning talk. You're bound to attend if you're at the community reception (which you are), so I don't need to do promotional. You already payed the ticket and the doors will be locked. No escapees.

As far as I'm concerned the conference can be closed down the moment I provide these two talks, and we can all go to the beach.

Wait, no, I will also be at the DotOrg Pavillion at the Exhibit Hall, where I present common_schema and openark-kit. Come by to hear more about these!

  • Crazy good talk at Percona Live. I'll be trying to reproduce every thing you showed. I've been using your code for a year. I need to find a good way to support your effort.

  • Kevin

    Enjoyed your common_schema talk and very sorry that I missed your lightning talk last night -- hopefully the video will be online?

  • Thanks, Mark & Kevin,

    Slides will be up hopefully today (or otherwise when I'm back on). Lightning talk video should be up sometime - Marco Tusa took videos and said he would do it; I'm guessing this might take a while -- I'll be sure to follow up.

    I think a good way to support an open source project is to submit bug reports and to spread the word - thanks!

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