Speaking on Percona Live, London: "Programmatic Queries: things you can code with SQL"

October 10, 2011

I'll be speaking at the Percona Live event, held in London, October 24, 25, 2011.

My session is called Programmatic Queries: things you can code with SQL. It's a short 30 minute talk, in which I present underlying knowledge of the programmatic nature of SQL queries within MySQL, and how to take advantage of such knowledge so as to build faster, shorter, and sometimes unexpected queries.

This is not about stored routine programming, a classic programmatic aspect of MySQL, but rather about expected order of execution: of row evaluation, of control flow statements, of table inference, of time issues.

I have far too many examples, some real-world problem solvers, and some less common in daily use, to be able to deliver them all on this session. I will pick up those which seem most interesting to me, or those best presenting the programmatic nature of the query. As time allows I may add more examples, or look into interesting future possibilities.

I hope to see you there.

  • Great to hear you will be in London. Unfortunately I was unable to attend as I am speaking in China.

  • Ronald,
    China clearly wins. Enjoy yourself!

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