Tales of the Trade #3: MySQL vs. NoSQL

April 19, 2010

Apparently the message from the comic below was not well conceived.

Following the strip I've added some spoiler notes.

This is not about bashing NoSQL. Apparently some people feel this way.

This is about:

  • Trying to judge/analyze NoSQL as if it were a single entity, thereby asking "should I use MySQL or NoSQL"?
  • The fact Wikipedia defines NoSQL as a "movement" (who's the leader?)
  • The fact that people are still arguing on how "MySQL" should be pronounced.
  • Really nice one, especially the finishing touch.

  • Wagner Bianchi

    ehehehehehe, this is good to understand how the things happens...

  • Nice post. NoSQL is suitable for specific set of problems, it does not solve *all* problems. So choose NoSQL only if it is suitable for the problem.

  • Bram

    No*Squeal*. Honestly, it's the sound it makes.

  • yep

    Does NoSQL solves **ANY** problem today?. Sigh ...

  • *Spoiler alert*


    Just goes to show how poorly I conveyed the message.
    This isn't about bashing NoSQL.
    Actually, the final joke was on MySQL.

  • Obviously it would be "No Ess Que Elle"

  • @yep,

    Of course it does. It solved and solves problems for many companies where using MySQL or other RDBMS is just too big an overhead.

  • > Obviously it would be “No Ess Que Elle”


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