Tales of the trade #5: How to author a super successful MySQL blog

May 18, 2011

Check out the following tutorial that teaches you how to become a popular MySQL blog author:



Complete strip: tales-of-the-trade-make-your-mysql-blog-popular-full.png

  • Ulf Wendel

    Sorry, but spamming the PlanetMySQL front page with images does not meet my sense of humor.

  • @Ulf,
    This is very interesting, because I was thinking along the same lines; which is why I split the entire comic into 3 distinct images, expecting Planet to only present the first, so as to make for lesser impact.
    I was surprised that the Planet presented all three.

    So, I apologize for ruining the look of the Planet, please understand this was not my intention. Hopefully, though, this post will negate the ten times fold ruining of the Planet by blog-spammers, which are the issue of this comic. I respect and thank your comment; but, to be melodramatic, my conscience is clear.


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  • Jonno

    It made me laugh 🙂

  • Funny comment with a serious point. Surely with a little moderator help this wouldn't be too hard to resolve?

  • @Rhys,

    What's funny is that a post criticizing the many planet.mysql spammers is called a spam.

    In all good faith, I've separated images, and have inserted long HTML comment so as to make Planet not show all images. Planet stripped HTML comments and forced showing of all images.

    Perhaps it's possible to contact the Planet's moderator to do something manually. I don't think I should waste his time. By tomorrow this post will be on page #2, and the great evilness will dissipate; light shall come.

  • @Jonno,
    Thank you. All of the above tips are directly based on real cases.

  • Ulf Wendel


    it has not been obvious to me if you had planned to "spam" the Planet with tons of pictures or not. As a reader it was a guessing game: planned to stress out your message or not planned. If you had planned it, well, I'd say that would have had been a bit to much.

    However, it has not been your intention. Not you should apologize, I should!

    The comics, the message, all great. Nothing to discuss here. I agree with you on the message. And, it must have been a lot of work to create - wow!

    It was the flood of images that made me leave this spontaneous "thumbs down" comment. I probably should not have blamed you but rather directed my reaction towards the maintainers of PlanetMySQL.


  • Ulf,

    Thank you kindly for this message. Hats off to you!
    You should not be apologizing the least. Anyone has the right to thumb down any post. In particular, I cannot expect a post that is both criticizing as well as being a form of art (comics) to pass without controversy.

    The fact that you took bother to explain your thumb down in the first place stands for you. Many just thumb down without explaining (this is their right as well).

    At any case, this is much appreciated. See you around!


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