Would you be my friend on mysqlconf? (tempting offer inside)

March 9, 2011

I'm still throwing papers to the trash and starting all over, fixing, rewriting and improving my talk at mysqlconf 2011, where I will be presenting openark-kit: MySQL utilities for everyday use.

However I've got something up my sleeve: a benefit many can enjoy, that'll make me a respectful, popular and sought after speaker. While others may try and lure you with such earthly temptations as a 20% off discount, I am in a position to offer you a more spiritual gift: my friendship!

See, if you become my friend, I can offer you a 25% discount on the MySQL conference. Yes, that's 5% more than my competitors! The only thing I ask in return is that you be my friend (hey, it's called "friends of speaker"). Not like a FB virtual friend, but a real friendship! One where you can buy me beer or dinner!

If you agree to such humane terms, I will be in the position to let you know that all you have to do is fill in mys11fsd in your registration form.

No, wait! I let it slip! Rewrite: You should fill in mys11fsd [will only tell you this password after your commitment to a beer] in your registration form.

Oh no, not again!

Don't use mys11fsd without talking to me first... You're not supposed to... Oh, my beer!


  • Bruno Magalhães


    I definitely would buy you a bear (probably much more than one as we brazilians love to drink, anything), but I won't be going to the conference this year... 🙁 Any way, if you like you can come to Rio de Janeiro and have a great time, any time! 😀

    Maybe some day the MySQL Conference could be held in Brazil, it would be GREAT!

    He... He... He...


  • 🙂

  • Nice to know you're coming!

  • Oops... I accidentally used it. Really sorry! (Beer is available at the community reception;-)

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