You know you've been doing too much SQL when...

September 1, 2011're traveling on family holiday, and each time you wish to suggest you should check up on the tourist information center, you repeatedly come up with: "Let's ask at the INFORMATION_SCHEMA and see what we can get".

Also, doing so while wearing an OpenSQL Camp T-shirt doesn't help.

  • A lot many friends cursed my wedding invite 🙂

  • 😀

  • Heh.

    My vacation this year, our youngest daughter was still waking up and screaming several times a night. She would sit up in her bed, and my job (since I had no job to wake up to in the morning) was to go there and put her back to sleep.

    Half asleep, I diligently kept count whether I should fail her over to the left side of the bed, or the right side. Later in the morning I became anxious because I couldn't remember which turn it was. I then woke up enough to realize she is not a MySQL master-master pair undergoing failover tests, and I can put her to sleep either way 🙂

    The week before I had written a new Pacemaker MySQL agent.

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