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  • mycheckpoint, discontinued

    March 6, 2014

    Time to admit to myself: mycheckpoint has to be discontinued. I started mycheckpoint back in 2009, as a free & open source lightweight monitoring tool for MySQL. Over some years it evolved and became an actual (lightweight) monitoring solution, used by many. It has a unique and original design, which, alas, is also its bane. […]

  • mycheckpoint revision 231 released

    May 23, 2013

    A new release for mycheckpoint: lightweight, SQL oriented MySQL monitoring solution. If you're unfamiliar with mycheckpoint, well, the one minute sales pitch is: it's a free and open source monitoring tool for MySQL, which is extremely easy to install and execute, and which includes custom queries, alerts (via emails), and out of the box HTTP […]

  • MySQL monitoring: storing, not caching

    February 22, 2012

    I've followed with interest on Baron's Why don’t our new Nagios plugins use caching? and Sheeri's Caching for Monitoring: Timing is Everything. I wish to present my take on this, from mycheckpoint's point of view. So mycheckpoint works in a completely different way. On one hand, it doesn't bother with caching. On the other hand, […]

  • Documentation in SQL: CALL for help()

    January 11, 2012

    Documentation is an important part of any project. On the projects I maintain I put a lot of effort on documentation, and, frankly, the majority of time spent on my projects is on documentation. The matter of keeping the documentation faithful is a topic of interest. I'd like to outline a few documentation bundling possibilities, […]

  • Generating Google line charts with SQL, part II

    March 3, 2011

    This post continues Generating Google line charts with SQL, part I, in pursue of generating time series based image charts. We ended last post with the following chart: http://chart.apis.google.com/chart?cht=lc&chs=400x200&chtt=SQL%20chart&chxt=x,y&chxr=1,-4716.6,5340.0&chd=s:dddddddddeeeeeefffffffffeeeedddcccbbaaZZZYYYXXXXXXXXXYYYZZabbcdeefghhijkkllmmmmmmmmllkkjihgfedcbZYXWVUTSRRQQPPPPQQQRSTUVWXZacdfgijlmnpqrssttuuuttssrqonmkigfdbZXVTSQONMLKJIIIIIIJKLMOPRTVXZbegilnprtvwyz01111110zyxvtrpnkifcaXUSPNLJHFECBBAAABBCEFHJLNQTWZcfilortwy1346789999876420yvspmjfcYVSOL which has a nice curve, and a proper y-legend, but incorrect x-legend and no ticks nor grids. To date, Google Image Charts do not support time-series […]

  • Generating Google line charts with SQL, part I

    February 1, 2011

    In this series of posts I wish to show how Google Charts can be generated via SQL. We discuss the Google Charts limitations which must be challenged, and work towards a simple chart. I'm going to present the algorithm I use in mycheckpoint, a MySQL monitoring utility, which generates Google charts by raw data using […]

  • mycheckpoint (rev 208): aggregation tables, enhanced charting, RPM distribution

    November 8, 2010

    Revision 208 of mycheckpoint, a MySQL monitoring solution, has been released. New and updated in this revision: Aggregation tables: aggregated data makes for fast reports on previously slow queries. Enhanced charting: interactive charts now present time stamps dynamically (see demo); "Zoom in" charts are available (see demo) on mycheckpoint's HTTP server. RPM distribution: a "noarch" […]

  • openark-kit, Facebook Online Schema Change, and thoughts on open source licenses

    September 16, 2010

    MySQL@Facebook team have recently published an Online Schema Change code for non blocking ALTER TABLE operations. Thumbs Up! The code is derived from oak-online-alter-table, part of openark-kit, a toolkit I'm authoring. Looking at the documentation I can see many ideas were incorporated as well. And of course many things are different, a lot of work […]

  • mycheckpoint (rev. 190): HTTP server; interactive charts

    September 7, 2010

    Revision 190 of mycheckpoint, a MySQL monitoring solution, has been released. New and updated in this revision: HTTP server: mycheckpoint can now act as a web server. Point your browser and start browsing through HTML reports. See mock up demo. Interactive charts: HTML line charts are now interactive, presenting with accurate data as you move […]

  • mycheckpoint (rev. 170): improved custom queries; local charting; page/swap I/O monitoring; improved HTML reports

    July 16, 2010

    Revision 170 of mycheckpoint, a MySQL monitoring solution, has been released. New and updated in this revision: Improved custom queries: lifting of limitations from previous, introductory revision; better HTML presentation Local, inline charting: no rendering of Google Charts, unless explicitly requested. All charts are now rendered locally using JavaScript. No data is now sent over […]

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