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HTTP web server

mycheckpoint can run in http mode:

mycheckpoint http

In which case it starts up an HTTP service on port 12306 (configurable via –http-port). See mock up demo.

HTTP mode

mycheckpoint will automatically detect the mycheckpoint schemata on the MySQL server, and will allow browsing through the HTML reports for those schemata.

While in HTTP mode, mycheckpoint does not do any monitoring. It is strictly in read-only mode.

  • This makes it possible and convenient to direct mycheckpoint to some slave node, rather then producing reports on the master node.
  • Monitoring should keep on going, regardless, e.g. through crontab.

While it may seem as if there’s some server-side scripting involved (e.g. PHP, Python/Django etc.), there’s nothing of the sort. To present with the HTML reports mycheckpoint merely SELECTs from the appropriate views. In fact, for each presented page, it lets you know which query it was that invoked the page.

An exception are the chart zoom in pages, only available on HTTP mode.

You don’t have to use HTTP mode to get the HTML reports.

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