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There are two replication issues with mycheckpoint:

  1. The issue of recording replication status
  2. The issue of replicating recorded data

Recording replication status

Besides issuing SHOW GLOBAL STATUS and SHOW GLOBAL VARIABLES, mycheckpoint also checks up on replication status. It does so by issuing SHOW MASTER STATUS and SHOW SLAVE STATUS, and recording some of the parameters.

But in order to issue these last two commands, a user must be granted with either the SUPER or the REPLICATION CLIENT privileges.

REPLICATION CLIENT is not so powerful as SUPER, and should generally be safer to pass around. If you choose to grant the monitoring user with the SUPER privilege, you don’t need to do anything else.

If you do not wish to grant either privileges, you may execute with:

mycheckpoint --skip-check-replication...

and avoid collecting replication status.

Replicating recorded data

By default, mycheckpoint allows for binary logging of adding or removal of records. If you do not wish to replicate monitored data, you may execute:

mycheckpoint --skip-bin-log ...

The account must have the SUPER privilege in order to do that.

Other ways of disabling replication for mycheckpoint events are described in How Servers Evaluate Replication Filtering Rules.

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