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common_schema, rev. 178: foreach(), repeat_exec(), Roland Bouman, query analysis

December 2, 2011

common_schema, revision 178 is now released, with major additions. This revision turns common_schema into a framework, rather than a set of views and functions.

common_schema provides with query scripting, analysis & informational views, and a function library, allowing for easier administration and diagnostics for MySQL. It introduces SQL based tools which simplify otherwise complex shell and client scripts, allowing the DBA to be independent of operating system, installed packages and dependencies.

There’s no Perl nor Python, and no dependencies to install. It’s just a schema.

Some highlights for the new revision:

  • foreach(), aka $(): loop through a collection, execute callback commands per element.
  • repeat_exec(): a repeat-until device: execute queries until some condition holds.
  • exec_file(): execute files a-la SOURCE, but on server side
  • Query analysis: analyze query text, view or routine definitions to detect dependency objects.
  • Improvements to views and routines, new routines introduced.

Read complete announcement here.

posted in common_schema, MySQL by shlomi

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