5 years of blogging

October 22, 2013

openark.org blog is now five years old. Hurrah!

Throughout these five years I posted almost exclusively MySQL oriented blogs, though I had every intention of writing on various engineering topics.

I still see blogging as one of the most important forms of knowledge sharing, and indeed for me the blogs aggregated at Planet MySQL are my main source of MySQL information. I especially like to read technical content straight from the developer; but am also keen on being updated with news on conferences, releases, distributions and some insightful opinions.

The advent of the Stack Exchange websites makes for a common place where people get to learn "how to issue this query" or "how replication works". I can see the DBA site gaining popularity, though still going slow. Eventually I suspect it will be the one place where people share their questions and answers.

Nevertheless blogging is a great way of sharing a new finding of yours; express an opinion; review a product. So I hope for five more years of active blogging, and thank the readers of this blog for keeping watch!

Some numbers: to date I've posted 296 MySQL related posts (so 1.13 blog posts per week, evenly spread). The vast majority were technical; and a few opinions. I posted 6 comic strips; most of which were, I'm afraid, largely misunderstood  (the blame is on me) and projected exactly the opposite perception I was trying to express. I'm bound to fail again.

Traffic can be better (not sharing all my secrets). Been a slow down in the past months. I know, I haven't produced much Pie charts lately.

Again, thank you for reading or commenting. No point in blogging if no one pays attention to your blabbering! And do keep coming 🙂


  • Nadav Kavalerchik

    Love your blog 🙂

  • I have subscribed the rss feed since long. I have learnt a lot from your blog. Hope to read more in the next 5 years 🙂

  • Thanks all!

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