Announcing openark kit

February 25, 2009

It is my great pleasure to announce the availability of the openark kit, a set of lightweight utilities for MySQL, which eases every day tasks.

The available tools are:

All tools are written in Python, and require Python 2.3 or newer, and the python-mysqldb driver.

The project is hosted in Google Code, where you can find downloads, issue tracking etc. Community feedback is requested and welcome. Please use the 'Issues' mechanism to report bugs.

The openark kit is released under the BSD license.

All utilities have been put to work on production, yet all are still being developed, and still more are being created, as new ideas and needs emerge. I have been using custom made scripts for handling DB issues for years, and finally have decided to formalize them and to support them as an open source project. I do hope you try them out.

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