opeark-kit revision 196 released

May 7, 2013

This is a long due maintenance release of openark-kit. This release includes bugfixes and some enhancements, mainly to oak-online-alter-table.

oak-online-alter-table Changes / bug fixes include:

  • Support for keyword-named columns
  • Use of FORCE INDEX due to lack of MySQL's ability for figure out the chunking key at all times
  • --sleep-ratio option added; allows for sleep time proportional to execution time (as opposed to constant sleep time with --sleep)
  • Support for chunk-retry (in case of deadlock) via --max-lock-retries)
  • Fixed order of cleanup
  • Fixed bug with verbose messages with non-integer chunking key
  • Fixed bug with single-row tables (people, no need for this tool for single row tables :))
  • Friendly verbose messages to remind you what's being executed

oak-chunk-update changes includes:

  • Verbosing query comment if exists (friendly printing of what's being executed)

(Do check out QueryScript's split(); it's a simple, server side solution which works almost same way as oak-chunk-update)

More issues and changes not listed here.


openark-kit is released under the new BSD license, and is freely available.

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