Speaking at Percona Live Dublin: keynote, orchestrator tutorial, MySQL testing automation

September 13, 2017

I'm looking forward to a busy Percona Live Dublin conference, delivering three talks. Chronologically, these are:

  • Practical orchestrator tutorial
    Attend this 3 hour tutorial for a thorough overview on orchestrator: what, why, how to configure, best advice, deployments, failovers, security, high availability, common operations, ...
    We will of course discuss the new orchestrator/raft setup and share our experience running it in production.
    The tutorial will allow for general questions from the audience and open discussions.
  • Why Open Sourcing Our Database Tooling was the Smart Decision
    What it says. A 10 minute journey advocating for open sourcing infrastructure.
  • MySQL Infrastructure Testing Automation at GitHub
    Co-presenting with Tom Krouper, we share how & why we run infrastructure tests in and near production that gives us trust in many of our ongoing, ever changing operations. Essentially this is "why you should feel OK trusting us with your data".

See you there!

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