Tales of the Trade #2: The Oracle-Sun deal

January 3, 2010

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8 Comments to "Tales of the Trade #2: The Oracle-Sun deal"

  1. domas wrote:

    epic 😉

  2. Xaprb wrote:

    Wow, what a zinger!

  3. Kay wrote:

    Priceless! 😀

  4. Ronald Bradford wrote:

    I also love the voting system and my now Top of last month post -- http://planet.mysql.com/entry/?id=22751 on what MySQL staff think of the acquisition

  5. shlomi wrote:

    Ronald: you will remain #1 of all times for long time to come!

  6. Ronald Bradford wrote:

    I suspect there way maybe a cartoon here, currently the page has not content.

  7. shlomi wrote:


    Works for me... on two different machines.

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