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Lightweight, SQL oriented monitoring for MySQL

mycheckpoint is an open source monitoring utility for MySQL, with strong emphasis on user accessibility to monitored data.

It is SQL oriented: charts, reports and advances metrics are generated on the fly with views.

mycheckpoint highlights:

Please refer to the documentation for further discussion (or just use the Quick HOWTO), or to the download page for obtaining mycheckpoint.

SELECT innodb_read_hit_percent, DML FROM sv_report_chart_sample;


Above: querying for Google Chart URLs for measured metrics

Below: querying for human readable hourly report

SELECT report FROM sv_report_human_hour ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT 1,1 \G
Report period: 2010-02-10 08:00:00 to 2010-02-10 09:00:00. Period is 60 minutes (1.00 hours)
Uptime: 100% (Up: 379 days, 02:12:28 hours)

 Load average: 2.70
 CPU utilization: 17.8%
 Memory: 7470.1MB used out of 8177.3MB (Active: 6920.9MB)
 Swap: 4319.2MB used out of 8385.9MB

 innodb_buffer_pool_size: 4718592000 bytes (4500.0MB). Used: 100.0%
 Read hit: 99.92%
 Disk I/O: 15.07 reads/sec  22.89 flushes/sec
 Estimated log written per hour: 809.3MB
 Locks: 0.13/sec  current: 0

MyISAM key cache:
 key_buffer_size: 33554432 bytes (32.0MB). Used: 18.2%
 Read hit: 99.8%  Write hit: 100.0%

 SELECT:  82.97/sec  13.0%
 INSERT:  66.70/sec  10.5%
 UPDATE:  19.24/sec  3.0%
 DELETE:  16.95/sec  2.7%
 REPLACE: 0.00/sec  0.0%
 SET:     158.79/sec  24.9%
 COMMIT:  0.03/sec  0.0%
 slow:    0.02/sec  0.0% (slow time: 1sec)

 Full scan: 5.69/sec  6.9%
 Full join: 0.00/sec  0.0%
 Range:     0.84/sec  1.0%
 Sort merge passes: 0.00/sec

 Table locks waited:  0.00/sec  0.0%

 Table cache: 2048. Used: 88.5%
 Opened tables: 0.00/sec

Temp tables:
 Max tmp table size:  67108864 bytes (64.0MB)
 Max heap table size: 67108864 bytes (64.0MB)
 Created:             6.15/sec
 Created disk tables: 0.18/sec  2.8%

 Max connections: 200. Max used: 245  122.5%
 Connections: 2.67/sec
 Aborted:     0.07/sec  2.6%

 Thread cache: 32. Used: 68.8%
 Created: 0.02/sec

 Master status file number: 2241, position: 524487864
 Relay log space limit: 10737418240, used: N/A  (N/A%)
 Seconds behind master: N/A
 Estimated time for slave to catch up: N/A seconds (N/A days, N/A hours)  ETA: N/A

mycheckpoint is released under the BSD license.

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