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mycheckpoint is an ongoing project. At current, documentation is only available on line, on this site. man pages are not yet under work.

This documentation applies to Revision 118 and above.

Please see the following sections:

  • Quick HOWTO: A quick guide on setting up and using mycheckpoint.
  • Installation: requirements, installation of python, python-mysqldb and the various flavors of mycheckpoint.
  • Usage: how to use mycheckpoint; first time deployment and ongoing monitoring.
  • General schema structure: an overview of the tables and views used by mycheckpoint, and the kind of use one may put them to.
  • Querying for data: on getting monitored data by simple queries.
  • Detecting parameters change: on obtaining and tracking changes to server variables.
  • Generating Google charts: how to generate Google chart URLs for various parameters and metrics.
  • Generating HTML reports: how to generate an HTML report file, from within or out of MySQL.
  • Generating human reports: how to generate human readable reports, which summarize the major metrics.
  • Remote & multiple hosts: doing remote hosts monitoring, as well as monitoring replication topologies.
  • Replication: issues with replication; replicating recorded data; recording replication status.
  • Alerts: how to define alert conditions and get notified of raised or resolved alerts.
  • Emails: on configuring email notification, and manually sending emails from mycheckpoint.

Additional resources and publications:

Feedback, suggestions and corrections to documentation are most welcome.

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