Oracle ACE

November 4, 2011

I am honored to have been nominated for, and to have received the Oracle ACE award.

Nomination for this award is made by Oracle community members, and in this case those being Oracle employees Keith Larson and Dave Stokes. The award is given by Oracle for my involvement in the Oracle/MySQL community and for my contributions.

While open source involvement is generally done in the mere purpose of sharing knowledge and solutions, recognition plays a role in it. For the most part, one who writes blogs wants them to be read, and one who writes code wants it to be downloaded and tested, which is an elemental type of recognition, and what I aim for.

The recognition given by the Oracle ACE award makes for a wonderful complement, being given by the corporate with whose products I'm involved. It is great to get a surprising "Hey, good work" acknowledgement. Sun/MySQL told me that back in 2009, and I was caught utterly unprepared. I am still unprepared!

Thank you, the community, the people from whom I learn and benefit, anyone who ever reads my blogs, who comment, anyone who tries my code, who provides feedback, the multitude of people writing, sharing, blogging, speaking, coding, fixing, spreading, who make it such a great community.

Thank you, Oracle for this award!

  • Ben

    Well done Shlomi, much deserved!

  • Congratulations, Shlomi!
    Well deserved!

  • Hi Shlomi!

    congratulations with a great achievement - well done!

  • Congrats, you definitely have earned it!

  • Congrats Shlomi!
    Well deserved.

  • Thanks, guys (and girls)!

  • Congratulations, Shlomi! Keep up the good work.

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