Speaking at Percona Live: Pseudo GTID and Easy Replication Topology Management

March 31, 2015

In two weeks time I will be presenting Pseudo GTID and Easy Replication Topology Management at Percona Live. From the time I submitted the proposal a LOT has been developed, experimented, deployed and used with both Pseudo GTID and with orchestrator. In my talk I will:

  • Suggest that you skip the "to GTID or not to GTID" question and go for the lightweight Pseudo GTID
  • Show how Pseudo GTID is used in production to recover from various replication failures and server crashes
  • Do an outrageous demonstration
  • Tell you about 50,000 successful experiments and tests done in production
  • Show off orchestrator and its support for Pseudo GTID, including automated crash analysis and recovery mechanism.

I will further show how the orchestrator tooling makes for a less restrictive, more performant, less locking, non-intrusive, trusted and lightweight replication topology management solution.

orchestrator-topology-simple An anonymized topology

Please come by my talk!


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