Announcing common_schema: common views & routines for MySQL

July 13, 2011

Today I have released common_schema, a utility schema for MySQL which includes many views and functions, and is aimed to be installed on any MySQL server.

What does it do?

There are views answering for all sorts of useful information: stuff related to schema analysis, data dimensions, monitoring, processes & transactions, security, internals... There are basic functions answering for common needs.

Some of the views/routines simply formalize those queries we tend to write over and over again. Others take the place of external tools, answering complex questions via SQL and metadata. Still others help out with SQL generation.

Here are a few highlights:

There's more. Take a look at the common_schema documentation for full listing. And it's evolving: I've got quite a few ideas already for future components.

Some of these views rely on heavyweight INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables. You should be aware of the impact and risks.

What do I need to install?

There's no script or executable file. It's just a schema. The distribution in an SQL file which generates common_schema. Much like a dump file.

What are the system requirements?

It's just between you and your MySQL. There are currently three distribution files, dedicated for different versions of MySQL (and allowing for increased functionality):

  • common_schema_mysql_51: fits all MySQL >= 5.1 distributions
  • common_schema_innodb_plugin: fits MySQL >= 5.1, with InnoDB plugin + INFORMATION_SCHEMA tables enabled
  • common_schema_percona_server: fits Percona Server >= 5.1

Refer to the documentation for more details.

What are the terms of use?

common_schema is released under the BSD license.

Where can I download it?

On the common_schema project page. Enjoy it!

  • Hi Shlomi!

    great work, looks like a useful toolbox. There's a few snippets I posted in the way back years to the mysql forge that might be interesting for you. I was thinking about the proc that checks for foreign key violations (to check integrity after disabling foreign key checks) and a proc to create federated tables. I see you already have a redundant key checker.

    If you feel like integrating those, drop me a line. If not, that's ok too.

    kind regards,

  • Hey Shlomi

    Great idea and great toolkit!

    Best Regards

  • @Roland,
    Oh, absolutely! I'm looking for contributions, but have failed to mention that. I recall quite a few snippets you wrote at the time; I'd love to have another look.
    Let me formalize to myself the criteria for snippets to be in common_schema (licenses aside). Meanwhile, why don't you send me links to those procs?

  • @Jonathan,
    (and... congrads? new job?)

  • Hi Shlomi, here's a bunch:

    mysqldump_partition_backup: generate partition-wise mysqldump commands

    Obtain the original code for a MySQL view.

    Creating FEDERATED tables with a stored procedure:

    Check for violated foreign key constraints

    Redundant Index Finder

    (I know you already have a redundant index findex, but this one sports a couple of views to report sane index info that you may find interesting)

    Feel free to check it out, and drop me a line if you have a question or need me to fix or modify something.

  • Oh, there's also the easter day function, but it didn't seem to fit directly in the categories you provide.

    (maybe date/time functions?)

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