common_schema: looking for contributions

July 20, 2011

In my announcement for common_schema I have failed to deliver the following message:

I will be happy to receive contributions to common_schema, and I will be happy to have contributors on this project

What kind of contributions are wanted?

So, I'm mostly interested right now in:

  • Views: providing more insight on metadata (data types, schemata, volumes, transactions, locks, connections, etc.)
  • Views: SQL code generation (e.g. generate my FOREIGN KEYs)
  • Functions: DETERMINISTIC, NO SQL, preferably no control flow inside, making for simple calls what is usually a typical, repeating function combination.
  • Tables: small, static data that is handy to have around. But really, small.

Less interested in:

  • Procedures
  • OS dependent solutions (e.g. calling LOAD_FILE('/proc/meminfo') which only makes sense on Linux)

I've got a few ideas already, and have received contributions and ideas from others (I'm looking at you, Roland).

If you have a good idea you'd like to share, why don't you submit it under the Issues page (submit as "Request for new component")

Everything is done on my spare time, and there's not much of that. So, if you do submit something and it's not in right away, please be patient. Thanks!

  • Daniel

    I have put up a similar common database for monitoring purpose, capturing Records, Data and Index sizes once per day -- or changable through modification of event timing -- with help of events, functions and procedures (all MySQL native, no external programs needed, everything OS independent).
    If you're interested in evaluating such structure to integrate it here, let me know!
    Or we can collaborate to a similar project but focused on native MySQL monitoring project.

  • Matthew Montgomery
  • @Daniel,
    Thanks! Not sure this will fit in with common_schema; also, I already manage a monitoring tool for mysql: mycheckpoint. To be honest, I'm not sure I will find the energy to work on another one 🙂

    However I'll be happy to take a look. Is this project hosted in a public location?

  • @Matthew,

    Cool! I recall your initial post on this.
    If this is OK with you, I will start with a modified code: a view which provides those SQL statements to kill slow queries. This is to be consistent with other sql-generation views.
    After that, one can throw the SQL statement to whatever procedure you like.

  • @Matthew,

    can you please refer to the question on:

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