Orchestrator 1.2.9 GA released

December 18, 2014

Orchestrator 1.2.9 GA has been released. Noteworthy:

  • Added "ReadOnly" (true/false) configuration param. You can have orchestrator completely read-only
  • Added "AuthenticationMethod": "multi": works like BasicAuth (your normal HTTP user+password) only it also accepts the special user called "readonly", which, surprise, can only view and not modify
  • Centralized/serialized most backend database writes (with hundreds/thousands monitored servers it was possible or probable that high concurrency led to too-many-connections openned on the backend database).
  • Fixed evil evil bug that would skip some checks if binary logs were not enabled
  • Better hostname resolve (now also asking MySQL server to resolve hostname; resolving is cached)
  • Pseudo-GTID (read here, here, here) support now considered stable (apart from being tested it has already been put to practice multiple times in production at Outbrain, in different planned and unplanned crash scenarios)

I continue developing orchestrator as free and open source at my new employer, Booking.com.



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4 Comments to "Orchestrator 1.2.9 GA released"

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  3. Jacky wrote:

    Hi Shlomi,

    I'm trying out Orchestrator, but I found the dashboard didn't show the hierarchy of master & slaves, say I had an enviorment with one master and 3 slaves, I can see 4 nodes on the dashboard, but there is no line connecting them together. If I click one slave to see the details, it actually shows its master info correctly. Any idea why this happened?

    Thanks for your help,


  4. shlomi wrote:

    @Jacky, sorry for the delayed response; would you like to continue this discussion via mail, and send screenshots?

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